About Us

Ashya International was incorporated in the year 2018 and earlier it used to operate with different entity names and was diversified into multiple activities, we thought of bringing all the activities under one roof by forming the private firm in the year 2018 and leveraged all the operations under one roof.

Our group has really made tremendous growth year by year by multiplying its verticals as well as by its revenues in the last 2 years.

Ashya International Minerals Private Limited is engaged in the mining industry, in excavation, production & processing of minerals like Quartz and Feldspar to cater to the needs of domestic as well as international markets. Earlier the promoters of the company were doing business in their individual capacity, on a lower scale. Based on the increase in business opportunities both in domestic and international markets we have incorporated a private limited company to scale up the level of our operations in all the verticals of mining-related to Quartz and Feldspar.

The company presently having its own plants like Dis-integrator and Ball Mill near Kadthal area, RR Dist, Telangana which enables us to convert the minerals into mesh form and also segregate minerals into different grades as per the specific requirements of clients. The new vertical which we have recently added in our plant is processing of A-grade quartz Grit in different sizes which is our recent achievement and we are supplying across to the Engineering Stone Companies and glass Industries.

The company has also put in place approved licenses and long term lease agreements to undertake mining activities uninterrupted.

The Board of the company is with four Directors Mr. & Mrs. Shashidhar Reddy and Mr.& Mrs. Pradeep Reddy. Whereas Mr. Shashidhar career spans a long tenure in mining activities of over 5 years plus of experience with a rich and diversified experience in mining Operations and Processes. He did his Masters in Business Administration from Bedford Shire University, UK, and done his graduation from Osmania University Hyderabad.

His portfolio includes Business Planning, Strategic Engagements, Marketing. Supply chain management, client relationships, and excellence within culturally diverse environments focusing on different geographies.

Mr. Pradeep Reddy career spans more than 17 years in IT sector under BFSI segment his key role was Operations, Procurement, Finance & Accounts, Taxation, Business Planning, Compliance reporting, etc … He did his Masters in Business Administration from Hyderabad under the affiliation of AICTEU, New Delhi and done his graduation from Osmania University Hyderabad.

Ashya undertakes to lease Quartz & Feldspar mines across Telangana and operates based on the requirements from different customers. Currently, the major Mines which are under operational and are Balabadraya Pally near Kosgi, Mahaboob Nagar, and other is Errabally Mine near Nalgonda. Both mines are spread in a vast area and they are covered around 75 acres each with huge available stock with a good test report.