About Us

Ashya International Minerals Private Limited is a mining company that specializes in the excavation, production and processing of minerals such as Quartz and Feldspar for both domestic and international markets. Previously, our promoters operated on a smaller scale in their individual capacities. A private limited company was later formed in 2018 to leverage all of the operations connected to Quartz and Feldspar mining under one roof. It increased our commercial potential in both domestic and foreign markets.

In the last two years, our company has experienced remarkable results by doubling its verticals as well as revenues.

The company currently has its own plants, such as a Disintegrator and a Ball Mill, located near Kadthal, RR Dist, Telangana, that allows us to convert materials into Mesh & Grit form of various grades and sizes. The processing of A-grade quartz Grit into various sizes is a new vertical that we have recently added to our plant, that we are currently selling to Engineering Stone Companies and Glass Industries.

The company has long-term lease agreements and licenses which allows us to carry out mining activities without interruptions.